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Linen Vintage Aprons




A sunny weekend in Devon last september, two lovely people got married. My friend, the bride, asked all her friends to contribute something to the event. I was given the theme ‘natural vintage’ and asked to make some aprons for the catering staff. The word has it that very few of the aprons were handed back at the end of the weekend so the bride didn’t even get to keep one as a souvenir. Here are some photos of the antique lace and haberdashery decorations.

aprons8  aprons10 aprons9  aprons7



Antique Lace Hoodie

antique lace  antique lace

I’m lucky enough to have a grandmother who scours the Devon jumble sales for vintage haberdashery bits and bobs for me. She gave me this antique lace and I instantly knew what to do with it. I also used a lot of her ‘finds’ to make 10 aprons for a friend’s wedding. This hoodie is made of woolen jersey so it’s warm and snuggly under a coat in the winter or comfortable on it’s own in the spring.

Photos of the aprons coming soon… when I get my hands on them!


Patchwork #2

This little knitted blanket uses up left over yarn nicely. I made it in girly colours but Roméo won’t mind. Each square uses a different technique so you can expand your library of stitches at the same time! This is half size so there’s more work still to do. Onwards….!knitted patchwork blanket  knitted patchwork blanket  knitted patchwork blanket  knitted patchwork blanket  knitted patchwork blanket  knitted patchwork blanket


So, having a blog is all very well but surely I need to actually, er, ‘blog’.

I have been knitting and sewing since Brownies. So here is my opportunity to show the world, or my 2 followers, what I get up to in the living room! The idea behind this was to make a feeding pillow to support my elbow whilst breast feeding but it soon became clear that it was far too nice to be dribbled on every day. So the baby got my bony elbow and my bed got this new patchwork cushion.

The principle is simple. Buy a cushion cover to the desired size and then create a patchwork piece and appliqué it over the top of one side of the cover. Use old scraps of material left over from other projects. Here I have mixed vintage with some more recent fabrics. Add a few finishing touches such as ties, crochet flowers, a row of buttons and some blanket stitching here and there and this is what you get.

patchwork cushion patchwork cushion blog2 blog4 patchwork cushion