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Haberdashery #2 Entrée des Fournisseurs

 This is by far the queen of all Haberdasheries in Paris and any creative visitor would be an April fool to not take a little peek Inside. With a button and ribbon collection to keep you umming and ahhing for hours on end. A capsule collection of Liberty of London fabric, multiple wool choices and a number of trinkets/ sew on patches/ bits and bobs that you didn’t even know you needed. Again, this is one of those haberdasheries that leave out the ugly stuff so the choice is made easier (or harder depending how you look at it). Tucked away in a cobblestone passage in ‘Le Marais’. Check opening times before visiting but do visit.

#2 / Entrée des Fournisseurs / 8 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75003 Paris /


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Haberdashery #1 Brin de Cousette

I’m starting a new topic of conversation here on the Bloomers Blog… I live in Paris (yes, we know that) and I love sewing and knitting (yes, we know that too)… A frequent question that I hear is ‘Where are the best haberdasheries and wool shops in Paris?’ So I’ve decided to talk about my favorites as I visit them. I am hereby compiling a directory of addresses for any creative visitor in Paris to refer to. I’m not here to talk prices and value for money. That’s a minor detail and I’m not a scrape the bottom of the bargain barrel kind of girl when it comes to sewing.

#1 / Brin de Cousette / 2 Rue Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris / 

This just happens to be around the corner from me. Which‎ is great news. They have a medium sized but concise haberdashery (what they like to call a micro-mercerie). This basically means its a haberdashery, with all the ugly stuff left out. What remains is a collection of well chosen fabrics, threads and ribbons. Resources such as books and patterns. A café and an area for lessons and clubs which always seems to be full of people busily beavering away.

Best haberdasheries and wool shops in paris

inside shop      café