Monthly Archives: April 2015

Windmill Patchwork

I made this patchwork blanket whilst pregnant with my daughter. I found the pattern in a magazine I bought in a jumble sale in England. The design is called the ‘Windmill’.

windmill windmill 2

Little Hands

The hopes that my children will enjoy sewing as much as myself have finally come true. My daughter’s first sewing project was a bed for her mouse. We spent Sunday making a knitted bed and a blanket-stitched pillow. Happy days.

little handslittle hands 2

Icelandic Hearts

Icelandic Hearts

Icelandic Hearts 2

Just finished this Icelandic jumper in time for the arrival of spring. The pattern comes from a free Ravelry download by Maria Vangen. I tweaked the pattern slightly to include hearts in the design.

Many thanks to While they Play’s You Tube tutorials … I used the ‘stretchy rib cast on’ and ‘stretchy rib bind off’ videos to teach me how to knit the ribbing with an ultra flexible edge.