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Bee Stitch Bobble Hats #1

A variation on the brioche stitch (aka fisherman’s rib in British english or cotes Anglaises in french) this fun technique uses the ‘knit one below’ method to create a bulkier, warmer texture. Knitted in the Anny Blatt Nunki Yarn in colours Camel and Bettrave. 

Thoroughly enjoyable to knit and the children helped make their own pompoms to finish them off. More to come without a doubt.

Pattern available for free on Ravelry by That Metzbower Girl Designs


Monty’s Jumper

This is the same pattern as Fisherman Jumper posted on 16/03/2016.

Monty’s Jumper was made in the same wool in (my favourite colour) Mustard. I added some stripes to help with to the nautical theme. Hopefully Monty’s mum will send some photos of him wearing it that I can add later… I hope Monty likes it…!

The pattern named ‘Diggory’ is available for download on the Berocco Website and is also available on Ravelry




Trompe L’oeil Dress

Is it a jumper? is it a skirt? No, it’s a jumper dress!

Simply cut off the ribbing rows at the bottom of a knitted jumper. In this case, a Bonpoint angora knit. Cut some fabric into a skirt shape, here I’ve used some Liberty baby corduroy, sew the side seams and the hem. Then gather the top of the skirt using 2 rows of elasticated thread and sew onto the bottom of the jumper using a zig zag stitch (in order to keep the elasticity of the joining seam).

Plume wore this dress for an Easter weekend by the sea. I’ll probably be making one for myself soon!

Jumperdress 3Jumperdress 4Jumperdress 2Jumperdress 1Jumperdress 5Jumperdress 6

Fisherman Jumper

Just recently finished this jumper in Monoprix (French Supermarket) Terra 100% unshrinkable wool. A great chunky yarn available in some great colours. The pattern was a download form the Berroco website. The buttons were hand made by a British ceramic artist and bought in Devon. fisherman jumper 1fisherman jumper 3fisherman jumper 2fisherman jumper 4


Little Hands

The hopes that my children will enjoy sewing as much as myself have finally come true. My daughter’s first sewing project was a bed for her mouse. We spent Sunday making a knitted bed and a blanket-stitched pillow. Happy days.

little handslittle hands 2

Icelandic Hearts

Icelandic Hearts

Icelandic Hearts 2

Just finished this Icelandic jumper in time for the arrival of spring. The pattern comes from a free Ravelry download by Maria Vangen. I tweaked the pattern slightly to include hearts in the design.

Many thanks to While they Play’s You Tube tutorials … I used the ‘stretchy rib cast on’ and ‘stretchy rib bind off’ videos to teach me how to knit the ribbing with an ultra flexible edge.