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Dou Dou

The cross stitching boutique near my apartment gave me the inspiration for this cross stitched blankie or ‘dou dou’ as the french call it. La croix et la manière have that reassuring way of only selling beautiful things so one doesn’t have to think too hard about which colours to choose or which ‘abecedaire’ to follow. Wherefore art thou…


Bloom and Grow


‘Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow’ as sung by Julie Andrews. Bloomers is here to talk about all things that bloom: children, creations, projects, ideas. Lets get chatty about sewing, knitting, children’s fashion, and my own creative exploits. Who’d have known that after a short working holiday, 10 years later, I’d still be in Paris? Language learnt, tick, children born, tick, pretty parisian home, tick, self-help blog building book bought, tick! Welcome to my world. Bear with me please.